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 Full Circle 


 I would like to include song descriptions for you from my album, "Full Circle".

1.  Full Circle:  My life that has come Full Circle.  I feel that I am fulfilling my goals and aspirations by sharing my gift of music through composing and playing the piano,  teaching piano, playing at The Barneveld Lutheran Church, and of coarse loving the outdoors with my husband Mark :)

2.  On the Ridge:  Mark and I made the move to western WI about three years ago.  The name of the town is Ridgeway (pop. 637) only twenty minutes away from Hollandale ( pop.202). We both love living out in a small town and get to spend time enjoying the outdoors together bowhunting, fishing and turkey hunting.   

3. Joy: Actually this song was created from observing the sweet Ruby Throated Hummingbird. The Indian Totem, Hummingbird is  Joy.  I always feel joyous and happy when I see a Hummingbird in flight and eating at the sugar water feeder.  

 4. Dragonflies: Mark and I witnessed a huge "flock" of dragonflies eating mosquitoes. It was so cool to see them up close and personal while they were in flight and on the attack.

5. Sunflower: a slightly different version than the original from my Full Moon CD.   My favorite flower is the Sunflower.  It brings pure happiness to my heart.

6. Almost Pachelbel: This song is simply what the title says ,Pachelbel's Canon in D with a unique twist.

7. Kindred Spirits: inspired by spending time with my dad.  When I spend time with my dad their is a deep feeling of love and kinship.

8. Snowbound: Visualize looking out the window as the snow falls. The snow blows and falls quickly. The inches accumulate, you can only stay inside and wait it out.   

9. Little Miss Chievous:  Charlotte or alias "Kitty" our cat, can be sneaky and other times a lovey dovey.  We hear her jumping up onto the cupboards at night, meowing for attention, wanting go outside to eat grass, running down the staircase to eat her morning meal, or just taking a ten minute cat nap.  We still love her and cherish our kitty times together.  

10. Fish'n Pike: I love to fish!!!( Like you didn't know that already.) Large-mouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike and pan-fish are some of the fish I love to catch and release.  Pike are so extremely fun to hook. They smack the lure with great force and take you for a ride!

11.  Gratitude: When I began to compose this song, I heard the words "Love One Another".

We all need to love and respect one another,  and really take time to be grateful for even the smallest feats in life. Life is too short .

12. Valley Creek Crossing:  I use to bowhunt a stand that was located in a valley with a small creek running through it.  The songbirds would flock to the bushes around me, while the creek would gurgle below me.  It was so beautiful and meditative to sit there. 

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